Shanxi names new promoters of intangible cultural heritage


The Shanxi Department of Culture and Tourism recently announced its list of the latest representative inheritors of provincial intangible cultural heritage items in North China's Shanxi province. 

The criteria for the listees mandates that they must be law-abiding, patriotic, virtuous and skilled; have resided or worked in Shanxi for more than 10 consecutive years; and have been engaged in activities promoting provincial intangible cultural heritage items. 

Moreover, they must be proficient in both the knowledge and core skills of these intangible cultural heritage items; have a representative status in a specific field and wield a significant influence in a specific region; and have been recognized as a municipal-level representative inheritor of intangible cultural heritage. 

A total of 318 inheritors have been listed this time, covering eight categories including traditional music, dance, drama, sports, games and acrobatics, fine arts, craftsmanship, and medicine. 

Local authorities and departments will encourage and support them in carrying out cultural inheritance and promotional activities, and make efforts to champion the creative transformation and innovative development of traditional Chinese culture.