Shanxi to develop Cultural and Museology Skills College


A ceremony marking the joint construction of the Cultural and Museology Skills College between the Shanxi Cultural Relics Bureau and Shanxi Cultural Tourism Vocational University (Preparatory) was held in Taiyuan, capital of North China's Shanxi province, on Oct 30.

The college will focus on training high-quality professionals in cultural relics restoration, archaeological excavation, cultural relics utilization and display, and cultural heritage management to meet the demands of the industry.

It will comprehensively embrace and pursue research, innovation, and practical applications to provide technical support and talent resources for the high-quality development of cultural heritage in Shanxi.

The focus will be on cultural relics restoration and preservation, creating a specialized database to serve this purpose, establishing a training base for restorers of cultural relics, and building a center for cultural relic detection technology as well as a training center for the restoration of cultural relics. 

In recent years, the Shanxi Cultural Relics Bureau has been committed to advancing technological innovation and fostering talent. It has also ramped up its investment in scientific and technological innovation, optimized the allocation of scientific and technological resources, established a multi-level talent training system for cultural relics protection, and developed vocational education in cultural relics and museology sectors.

The bureau has furthermore encouraged greater collaboration between universities and enterprises in establishing internship and training bases, while urging experts devoted to the conservation and preservation of cultural relics to participate in on-campus educational activities. 

Shanxi Cultural Tourism Vocational University (Preparatory) has been dedicated to serving the integration and development of the culture, tourism, arts, protection of cultural relics, and museology sectors in the province.