Shanxi to enhance county-level medical services


Shanxi aims to achieve full coverage of county-level traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) hospitals in agricultural counties as well as ensure that county-level maternal and child health care institutions in counties with a population of over 300,000 achieve grade two by the end of 2025. 

The targets were announced at a provincial government press conference held on Oct 9. 

Yin Yanxiang, deputy director of the Shanxi Health Commission, said that Shanxi is a national pioneer in implementing county-level medical and health care integration reform, establishing a unified management mechanism covering administration, personnel, finance, business, performance, and pharmaceuticals and equipment, and effectively integrating medical and health care resources within counties. 

Comprehensive hospitals, TCM hospitals, and maternal and child health care hospitals at the county level play a leading role in the county-level hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system. 

To improve grassroots health services, Shanxi plans to construct 200 health centers within three years in key townships and towns, and continue to construct community hospitals.