China's only mural-themed museum opens in Shanxi



Visitors tour the Shanxi Jinzhiyuan Mural Art Museum on Oct 8. [Photo/Shanxi Daily] 

The Shanxi Jinzhiyuan Mural Museum, the only museum in China dedicated to mural art and the largest non-State-owned museum in North China's Shanxi province, opened its doors to the public on Oct 8. 

The museum in Jinzhong city is committed to promoting mural culture. In addition to exhibitions, it offers mural-themed study tours, cultural heritage restoration and protection, and mural culture research services.

Research-based courses such as mural and clay sculpture replication, tracing, framing techniques, and mural culture screenings and lectures are available at the museum, aiming to create an immersive cultural experience for the public to enter the world of murals, learn about mural culture, and better understand Chinese civilization. 

Furthermore, the museum features a 1,500-square-meter cultural heritage restoration center and the Shanxi Cultural Heritage Resource Big Data Center, which specializes in Shanxi murals, clay sculptures, and ancient architectural resources. These facilities help in the protection and research of Shanxi murals and the excavation and preservation of the province's culture. 

The mural museum also supports local tourism development and has expanded its own cultural tourism functions. It has established a mural art hotel to provide visitors with the cultural experience of living in a museum.