Yangquan advances digital, intelligent city development


Updated: 2023-09-25


The Shanxi-Yangquan 2023 Digital and Smart Industrial Development Conference is held in Yangquan, Sept 23. [Photo/Yangquan Daily] 

The Yangquan 2023 Digital and Smart Industrial Development Conference was held at No 7 Shanxi Smart City in Yangquan city, North China's Shanxi province, on Sept 23.

Hosted by the Yangquan municipal government, the conference aimed to build a digital economy industrial system and promote innovation, industrial transformation, and high-quality urban development in Yangquan.

With its focus on building a digital smart city, the conference unveiled 21 digital technology application scenarios and related digital products, technologies, and solutions in areas such as smart manufacturing, intelligent education, and smart transportation. Some 21 project agreements were signed on-site, with a total investment of 5.59 billion yuan ($764.81 million).

Deng Zhongliang from the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences, Dou Qiang, deputy director of the technology committee of China Electronics Corp, Lyu Ming, president of the Shanxi Energy Internet Research Institute, and other experts, scholars, and industry leaders, as well as representatives from national think tanks and industry organizations, shared their insights on the development of industries such as intelligent networked vehicles, digital product manufacturing, and live streaming, providing suggestions for the development of Yangquan's digital economy. 

The conference also announced the operation of the Yangquan Urban Operation Command Center, and unveiled the nameplates of the Shanxi Provincial Demonstrative Park for Digital Economy, Shanxi Provincial Center for Digital Transformation Promotion, Phytium Service Center, a live-streaming industry base, and a tech innovation center for intelligent networked heavy-duty freight vehicles. 

Eight companies settled in the CEC Industrial Park that same day.