Lyuliang dominates medal list in provincial race-walking event


Updated: 2023-08-15


The 10,000-meter race-walking event of the 16th Games of Shanxi Province starts on Aug 14 in Datong. [Photo/Shanxi Daily] 

The track and field events of the 16th Games of Shanxi Province are running in Datong city from Aug 14 to 17.

They are divided into various categories based on age and gender, including men's groups A and B, women's groups A and B, men's mixed group, and women's mixed group events, with 376 athletes from 11 city teams participating.

The 10,000-meter race-walking event on the morning of Aug 14 marked the beginning of the athletics competition. 

It required athletes to walk 25 laps on a standard 400-meter track. "This nearly 50-minute competition is not only a test of physical endurance but also shows the determination of the athletes in facing challenges," said Jia Jishan, coach of the Lyuliang city team. 

In the men's group A 10,000-meter race-walking final, Xue Pengfei from Lyuliang swept the gold medal, giving the Lyuliang team a strong start. Lyu Zeng from the Jincheng team and Feng Lin from the Datong team won silver and bronze, respectively. 

In the women's group A 10,000-meter race-walking final, Cao Nan from the Lyuliang team battled to cross the finish line first and clinch the championship.