Boxing finals of Shanxi provincial games kick off in Shuozhou


Updated: 2023-08-10


Athletes compete in the boxing finals of the 16th Games of Shanxi Province in Yingxian county on Aug 8. [Photo/Yellow River News] 

The boxing finals of the 16th Games of Shanxi Province took place on Aug 8 in Yingxian county, Shuozhou city. 

The finals took place according to various weight categories, and were divided into two divisions. Group A featured 13 weight classes for men and women, ranging from 45-48 kg to 75 kg and above, while Group B comprised seven weight classes for both sexes from 42-47 kg to 60-66 kg. 

A total of 154 athletes from 11 cities' teams across the province participated in the finals. The team from Taiyuan city emerged as the biggest winner with five gold, three silver, and two bronze medals, securing the top spot on the medal list. The team from Yangquan was the first runner-up, claiming five gold, two silver, and one bronze medals.