Provincial sports event whets appetites with brimming itinerary


Updated: 2023-08-03


Mascot sculptures of the16th Games of Shanxi Province in Datong city. [Photo/Yellow River News] 

The 16th Games of Shanxi Province will open on Aug 8 with five highlights to look forward to, said Zhao Yanfeng, director of the provincial sports bureau, at a local government press conference on Aug 2.

Highlight 1: dual-city hosts 

Through competitive bidding, the cities of Datong and Shuozhou will jointly host the event. 

Datong will host the opening ceremony, 22 competitive sports events and nine mass sports events and activities. Shuozhou will host the closing ceremony, eight competitive sports events and six mass sports activities. 

Highlight 2: setting new awards 

In addition to the medal tally and overall ranking of individuals and teams in the competitive sports events, the 16th Games of Shanxi Province will set the "Contributions to Development Ranking", "Good Judge of Talent Award" and "Future Star Award" for competitive sports. This is expected to further stimulate the enthusiasm of young people to engage in sports training. 

Highlight 3: athletes' village 

For the first time in the history of the Games of Shanxi Province, an athletes' village will be used, marking an improvement in the event's security system.

A village committee has been established for the 16th Games of Shanxi Province, and six working institutions, including those for accommodation and volunteer and catering services, have been set up. Facilities such as medical service stations, Red Cross rescue stations, and an anti-doping training station have also been built. 

Meanwhile, efforts have been made to provide comprehensive services for athletes, including accommodation, catering, fitness facilities, commerce, leisure and cultural exchanges. 

Highlight 4: cultural integration 

The provincial games will promote Shanxi's cultural characteristics, creating a unique sporting culture. For the first time, its core graphic, which incorporates elements from Datong's daylily and the Great Wall, draws inspiration from Shanxi paper-cutting techniques. This highlights the rich historical heritage and distinct geographical location of the host city. 

Highlight 5: extensive public participation 

The 16th Games of Shanxi Province comprises both competitive sports and mass sports. The latter includes 22 major events, divided into competitions and exhibitions. 

The mass sports events and activities are mainly being held in Datong and Shuozhou, and feature the participation of the nine other cities in the province. Each city hosts at least one mass sports event, emphasizing their local characteristics and integrating these with culture and tourism to promote the various sports. 

For the 19 mass sports events that have already concluded, the number of participating athletes, coaches, team leaders, and support staff members exceeded 4,300. Moreover, the number of people participating in various public fitness exhibitions has surpassed 8,000.