German, Austrian delegation visits Shanxi for biz cooperation


Updated: 2023-07-12


A delegation of German and Austrian political and business figures visits Taiyuan. [Photo/Shanxi Economic Daily]

A delegation of German and Austrian political and business figures visited Taiyuan, capital of North China's Shanxi province, on July 9-10 to promote industrial cooperation and matchmaking. 

The visit included meetings, matchmaking conferences, and business investigations to promote Shanxi's industrial advantages, project opportunities, and cultural charm. 

The business representatives from the German and Austrian governments, along with chambers of commerce and approximately 20 enterprises engaged in various industries such as automotive, high-end equipment, biopharmaceuticals, and environmental protection technology, carried out business matchmaking activities in Shanxi. 

During the visit, they focused on various areas such as equipment manufacturing, new energy, biopharmaceuticals, and vocational education. They also had the opportunity to meet with investment promotion government departments, development zones, and enterprises in the region, allowing participants to explore potential business opportunities and establish new partnerships that could help drive success and growth in their respective industries. 

Germany is the world's main high-tech and industrial power and an important trading partner of Shanxi. Over the years, Shanxi and Germany have had a long-term cooperation foundation in equipment manufacturing and coal equipment procurement, and there is also much space for cooperation between the two parties. 

In the center of Europe, Austria is an important transportation hub connecting Eastern and Western Europe. Austria and Shanxi have a robust complementary complementarity in trade, investment, technology, and other aspects, with huge potential and broad space for cooperation. 

This visit to Shanxi by the delegation is a pragmatic move to enhance further cooperation and exchanges between Shanxi, Germany, and Austria, and to promote the coordinated development, according to Ernst Woller, president of the State Parliament of Vienna, Austria. 

In April, the Shanxi delegation visited Germany and had a fruitful trip. They conducted inspections, trade negotiations and engaged in multi-level dialogues with trade promotion organizations, chambers of commerce, and advanced enterprises from Germany, Austria, and other European countries. This helped improve the province's reputation overseas.