Shanxi acts to further rural emission reduction, carbon sequestration


Updated: 2023-07-10

Shanxi province recently issued a plan for agricultural and rural emission reduction and carbon sequestration. 

The plan requires integrating emission reduction and carbon sequestration throughout agricultural production and rural life.

It also announces the implementation strategy that involves the deployment of 10 crucial measures, encompassing the reduction of carbon emissions in the livestock and poultry breeding sector, the adoption of green and energy-efficient agricultural machinery, the maximization of fertilizer utilization, the capture of carbon in farmland, the full utilization of straw, the mitigation of emissions, and the capture of carbon in the fisheries industry. Furthermore, it is to construct zero-carbon communities and towns while simultaneously promoting technological innovation. 

By 2025, Shanxi aims to realize a stable reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural and livestock sectors, increase the carbon sequestration capacity of farmland, and improve renewable energy substitution in rural areas.

Specifically, the proportion of large-scale livestock and poultry farming in the province will reach 78 percent; the comprehensive utilization rate of livestock and poultry manure will reach 80 percent. 

The comprehensive utilization rate of crop straw will stabilize at over 90 percent; the recycling rate of the agricultural film will stabilize at over 85 percent; 300 ecological farms will be built. The comprehensive mechanization rate of crop cultivation and harvesting will reach 77 percent, and 16,560 square kilometers of high-standard farmland will be built.