Shanxi issues plan to boost cultural and creative industries


The Shanxi Department of Culture and Tourism recently released a three-year action plan promoting the high-quality development of the province's cultural and creative industries. 

During this period, at least one iconic cultural creative product will be developed in each 3A-rated or above tourist attraction in Shanxi. Each city will have more than 10 popular cultural and creative products. 

The province aims to build 10 cultural and creative industry clusters with a total annual output value of over 100 million yuan ($13.84 million). It is also targeting 100 cultural and creative industry demonstration bases, more than 50 billion yuan in the added value of these industries, and over 1,000 distinctive cultural and creative products. 

To achieve these goals, Shanxi will focus on core technologies in the digital culture sector and promote the development of smart cultural tourism.

The province also plans to launch a batch of 5G-based smart scenic spots, and promote the construction of public digital cultural projects, smart libraries, and public cultural cloud infrastructure. 

Efforts will be made to promote the integration of the animation, gaming, and cultural tourism industries, while also supporting the production of high-quality animation works that reflect traditional Chinese culture and the regional culture of Shanxi. 

The plan also highlights the integration of cultural creative and design services with advanced manufacturing, modern agriculture, science and technology, sports, logistics, architecture, and other industries. 

Special support will be given to Taiyuan city in building a creative hub that integrates traditional cultural elements with modern fashion symbols. 

Tourist attractions across the province will be supported in improving their tourism infrastructure. This includes the independent design, research, and self-development (or joint research and development) of unique equipment for shows and performances, as well as supporting applications for patented technologies. 

State-owned art troupes will be aided in creating digital works of art and staging performances that are interactive, experiential, and adapted to digital communication.

Meanwhile, the province will rely on local colleges and universities to establish the Shanxi Culture Creativity Research Institute, aiming to build a nationally renowned research and design innovation base, a cultural creative information platform, and a think tank in the cultural creative industry.

The province aims to set up innovative cultural creative demonstration and incubation bases by supporting the development of related business in vacant industrial plants, warehouses, historical blocks, and traditional commercial streets. 

It will create distinctive cultural industry demonstration parks specializing in light industry (arts and crafts), while also supporting small and micro-sized cultural and creative enterprises known for their expertise, precision, and innovation. It will also strengthen the growth of technologically innovative enterprises.