Applet encouraging low-carbon travel in Shanxi launched


Updated: 2023-07-03

The Shanxi Department of Transportation and Alipay, a popular e-payment application in China, recently jointly held a launch ceremony for a voluntary carbon emission reduction incentive platform called Jintanxing. 

The applet, China's first provincial-level voluntary carbon emission reduction platform based on green travel data, was launched on Alipay, marking a new attempt and significant initiative by the Shanxi Department of Transportation in promoting green travel. 

It provides users with functional modules, including personal carbon accounts, low-carbon lectures, green public welfare, and convenient travel services, to guide the general public in adopting a green travel concept. 

To enter the applet, Shanxi residents can search for Jintanxing on Alipay or scan the QR code on buses and stations. They can register for a personal carbon account on the platform and earn "carbon points" rewards through low-carbon activities such as eco-friendly travel. 

After reaching a certain standard of "carbon points," users can redeem them for discounts on public transportation, subway tickets, public welfare certificates, and other rewards and benefits through the applet. 

Duan Xinyuan, director of the Shanxi Department of Transportation, stated that Shanxi welcomes and encourages more companies, institutions, and the public to participate in the development of the Jintanxing, expand the service scenarios of the applet, promote research on carbon emissions reduction methods, and explore the construction of carbon trading mechanisms.