Central Shanxi promotes integration of medical insurance services


North China's Shanxi province will realize the integration of medical insurance services in its central urban group from July 1.

At that time, the cities of Taiyuan, Xinzhou, Yangquan, Jinzhong and Lyuliang in central Shanxi will be included in the scope of medical insurance integration. 

Insured personnel in the five cities can choose a designated medical insurance institution for general outpatient use and hospitalized medical insurance in accordance with their needs. 

They no longer need to apply for medical treatment registration procedures in advance in these cities, and the medical insurance department will directly settle their expenses in accordance with the treatment policies in different regions in the province. 

Recently, the five cities have been carrying out the targeted upgrading of their information systems. They have also improved and supplemented the service agreement of the designated pharmaceutical institution of medical insurance according to the new requirements, and further optimized service procedures to ensure the integrated medical insurance is well-implemented.