Ruicheng county in Shanxi opens airport


Ruicheng Xinnanzhang Airport in Ruicheng county, North China's Shanxi province, opened on June 9. 

The airport covers 56 hectares was built according to the standard of the A1 category of a general airport. It has 35 parking spaces, including five spots for helicopters (helipads). 

The airport will explore the launch of passenger and freight routes, open up short-distance transportation, agricultural and forestry spraying, emergency rescue, medical rescue, forest firefighting and artificial rainfall, and carry out surveying and mapping inspection and meteorology services. 

It will attract more aviation companies to settle there, increase the area's operating efficiency and income, expand more general aviation services such as aircraft manufacturing and aviation parts manufacturing, cultivate civil aviation professionals, undertake aviation sports events and exhibitions with international influence, and develop general aviation derivatives.

The operation of the airport is of great significance to developing Ruicheng's transportation, opening up rescue channels, improving emergency handling capabilities, ensuring agricultural production, promoting the development of the tourism industry, adjusting the industrial structure, and optimizing the investment environment.