Regulations on wetland protection to take effect in Shanxi


Updated: 2023-05-25

The Regulations on the Protection of Wetland in Shanxi Province will come into force in North China's Shanxi province on June 1. 

The regulations explicitly incorporate wetland protection into local economic and social development plans. The wetland protection responsibilities of the government and departments are clarified, and the conditions, procedures and protection measures for the identification of important wetlands at the provincial level are stipulated. 

The regulations regard the establishment of wetland parks as an important way of wetland protection, stipulate the conditions and procedures for applying for the establishment of provincial wetland parks, and clarify prohibited behavior. For instance, it is forbidden to engage in construction projects and development activities that do not conform to the protection of wetland resources, such as real estate, resorts, golf courses, wind power generation, and solar power generation, in provincial wetland parks. 

Shanxi has so far had 54,400 hectares of wetlands divided into five categories of forest swamps, shrub swamps, swamp meadows, inland tidal flats and swamps. It has approved of building 63 wetland parks, including 20 at a national level and three wetland nature reserves.