Shanxi to upgrade nonferrous metal industry


Shanxi Department of Industry and Information Technology recently introduced an immediate plan for the transformation and upgrading of the nonferrous metal industry in Shanxi province in 2023. 

The plan marks this year's development goal of increasing the annual industrial revenue to 134 billion yuan ($19.32 billion). 

It clarifies seven critical tasks to be implemented, including cultivating the copper-based new materials industry chain, developing recycled non-ferrous metals, extending the aluminum and magnesium industry chain, promoting green and low-carbon transformation, and the comprehensive utilization of resources. 

Shanxi plans to accelerate the exploration of deep and marginal mine resources and the construction of mine mining projects. The province is scheduled to accelerate the construction of complete copper concentrate recycling projects and equipment commissioning to ensure that copper-based new materials projects operate at total production capacity as soon as possible. 

The province will encourage non-ferrous metal smelting and processing enterprises to improve recycling, increase the consumption of recycled non-ferrous metals, and develop recycled non-ferrous metal projects to ensure the supply of raw materials. 

Based on the existing industrial foundation of electrolytic aluminum and raw magnesium, the province will focus on developing energy-saving building materials, lightweight automobile parts, aluminum-magnesium alloy bars and sheets, and high-conductivity aluminum alloy cables, forming a "raw materials + finished products" characteristic cluster model. 

So far, Shanxi has formed several nonferrous metal industrial chains with the production capacity and output of alumina and magnesium metal ranking second in China.