Shanxi issues policies, funds to support industrial growth


Updated: 2023-04-20

The Information Office of the Shanxi Provincial Government held a press conference on April 18, introducing Shanxi province's policies and measures to support the development of industrial chains and characteristic professional industrial towns in 2023.

Shanxi will formulate and issue a special plan on the development of key industrial chains and give financial support to enterprises to help them expand, attract investment, use public platform services and improve their supporting facilities. 

The province will promote coordination between the government, development zones and leading enterprises in key industrial chains and attract top manufacturers and R&D institutions to the province. 

It will also help small and medium-sized enterprises to provide supporting products and services according to the needs of leading enterprises in key industrial chains. 

In terms of characteristic professional industrial towns, Shanxi will implement an assessment system for provincial key characteristic professional towns and carry out new rounds of selection and identification of provincial characteristic professional towns, especially those focusing on furniture, lighting, tiles, luggage and bags, and hotel supplies.