Shanxi to improve vocational education


Shanxi province will focus on developing 300 vocational education majors and 200 high-level internship bases this year, so as to alleviate the demand-supply imbalance in the job market. 

Ma Jun, director of the Shanxi Department of Education, said at a press conference on April 19 that Shanxi will deepen school-enterprise cooperation in order to integrate industries and education, fill industrial development needs, optimize its industrial supply structure, and dynamically adjust some of the province's major settings. 

The province will build and manage industrial colleges together with several enterprises. It will also give financial, land and credit incentives to enterprises that show marked improvement in integrating industrial development and education. 

In recent years, Shanxi has continued to make efforts to promote the high-quality development of its vocational education sector. 

Since 2020, the province has sought about 9 billion yuan ($1.31 billion) in funding for the construction of vocational education projects. It has chosen the cities of Taiyuan, Datong, Jinzhong and Changzhi to pilot regional reform, focusing on industry-education integration.