Shanxi arranges health work in 2023


The Shanxi Health Commission held a video and telephone conference on April 14 to plan future work in the healthcare sector for 2023. 

The meeting proposed agendas, such as building high-quality county-level hospitals, accelerating the high-quality development of public hospitals, and becoming a province known for its traditional Chinese medicine. Other proposals included improving its general public health system, and strengthening talent introduction and cultivation.   

Shanxi will focus on improving the capacity of its primary medical and health services and optimizing its primary medical and health service system. The province is set to establish and improve a referral network for county-township-village rural emergencies. The network will have a service radius covering 10 to 20 kilometers. 

Additionally, Shanxi will strengthen the team building of rural doctors. It will give a subsidy of 1,000 yuan ($144.98) per month to each village doctor, recruit 1,000 village doctors with college degrees, and promote the establishment of a medical liability insurance system for rural doctors. 

In terms of developing its public hospitals, the province aims to develop 25 key national clinical research projects, 100 key provincial clinical research projects, and 100 key county-level research projects this year. 

In addition, Shanxi will take measures to guarantee health services for its senior residents.