Yellow River protection law takes effect


Updated: 2023-04-03

The Yellow River Protection Law, a new law targeting key problems in the Yellow River basin, came into effect in China on April 1. 

The law is expected to strengthen legal protection for the ecological conservation and high-quality development of the Yellow River basin. 

In recent years, a number of important ecological protection and restoration projects have been implemented in the basin and have generated remarkable results, such as returning farmland to forests and grasslands, shelterbelt expansion, and wetland restoration. 

Data shows that the prominent soil erosion area in the Loess Plateau has been reduced from 450,000 square kilometers to 231,300 sq km, greatly reducing the amount of sand in the Yellow River.

Taking North China's Shanxi province as an example, the forest coverage rate of the province through which the river flows increased from 18.03 percent in 2010 to 23.57 percent in 2020, exceeding the national average. 

Located in Jixian county and along the Yellow River, the Hukou Waterfall, known as the world's largest yellow waterfall, has in recent years shown seasonal clear water flow.