Circumstances where the student or his or her guardian bears responsibility in accidents injuring students


In accordance with the provisions of the relevant Chinese laws, in any of the following situations that a student or the guardian of a minor student causes a student injury accident due to his/her fault, he/she shall bear the corresponding responsibilities: 

(1) The student, in violation of the laws and regulations, the public principles of the society, or the rules or disciplines of the school, commits any act that he/she, according to his/her age and cognitive capacity, should know is dangerous or may endanger others; 

(2) The school or teacher has cautioned or asked the student to correct his/her dangerous act, but he/she refuses to listen to the caution and to correct the act; 

(3) The student or his/her guardian knows that the student has special physique or suffers from certain diseases, but doesn't tell the school; 

(4) The guardian knows or has been informed by the school that the minor student's physical status, action or emotion is abnormal, but fails to perform the corresponding duties of guardianship; 

and (5) The student or the guardian of the minor student has other faults.