Shanxi to build another interprovincial high-speed rail


A conference on the planning and construction of the Xuzhou-Changzhi section of the Shanghai-Taiyuan High-speed Railway was recently held in Xuzhou, East China's Jiangsu province. 

Changzhi in North China's Shanxi province, Xuzhou, Anyang and Puyang in Central China's Henan province, and Heze in East China's Shandong province reached a consensus and signed a memorandum of cooperation to jointly build the railway section. 

The 1,350-kilometer Shanghai-Taiyuan High-speed Railway channel includes existing and proposed lines running a total of 817 km and a planned main line extending 533 km.

It starts from Changzhi, connects with the existing Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway, Xuzhou-Suqian-Huaian-Yancheng Railway, Yancheng-Nantong Railway, and Shanghai-Nantong Railway, and ends in Shanghai. 

The construction of the railway will better connect Shanxi to other provinces and cities.