Shanxi acts to realize goals related to peak carbon emissions


Updated: 2023-02-01

North China's Shanxi province recently issued 10 major measures to realize its goals related to peak carbon emissions. 

According to the plan released by the Shanxi Provincial Government, the measures involve green transformation of traditional energy, use of new and clean energy, energy conservation and carbon reduction, reaching peak carbon emissions in industry and urban-rural development, green transport, carbon sink capacity improvement, and promotion of low-carbon concepts. 

Shanxi will accelerate the transformation of coal from fuel to raw materials, materials and terminal products, promote the development of coal into high-end products with high carbon sequestration rate, and advance the development of intelligent and unmanned coal mining. 

The coordinated development of distributed photovoltaics stations with the construction, transportation, and agriculture industries will be promoted, as will the application of clean fuels and efficient and clean combustion stoves, which will gradually replace coal combustion for civil use in the province. 

The province will promote electric vehicles, develop hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and carry out pilot demonstrative application of hydrogen energy heavy-duty vehicles, gradually reducing reliance on fuel vehicles. 

It will boost green and low-carbon recycling agriculture, establish a data-sharing platform for straw resources in the province, and improve the straw collection, storage and transportation system. 

In addition, Shanxi will conduct publicity activities during special periods to integrate green and low-carbon concepts into people's daily lives.