New Year's message from the Foreign Affairs Office of Shanxi Provincial Government


Updated: 2023-01-18

Dear comrades, friends, ladies and gentlemen: 

Time flies! At this moment of bidding farewell to the old and ushering in the new, I am delighted to extend the New Year greetings and thanks to all the leaders and friends, home and abroad, who have cared for and supported Shanxi, and to all my colleagues engaging in our foreign affairs!

The year of 2022 is an important milestone in the history of our country, a year of landmark significance in the course of Shanxi's development, and a year of far-reaching influence in Shanxi's foreign affairs. Facing the harsh international environment and the adverse impact of the pandemic, under the strong leadership of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, we have taken full account of both domestic and international situation, managed to juggle foreign affairs work and COVID-19 prevention and control, and ensured development in a safe environment. We have made new breakthroughs on the path of high quality development with great courage and unremitting efforts. 

During this year, the international influence of Taiyuan Energy Low Carbon Development Forum has been further enhanced. Vice Premier Han Zheng delivered a video speech and announced the opening of the forum, demonstrated China's voice and choice on energy revolution; more than 90 foreign guests attended the forum, including the Prime Minister of Iceland, the Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations, the Environmental Minister of Israel, and the Governor of Saitama Prefecture of Japan. Israel, the first Guest Country of Honor, jointly held sub-forum and planted "China-Israel Friendship Tree" with us. The forum's status as a national, global and professional event has been elevated.

During this year, the exchanges and cooperation between Shanxi and the rest of the world have been deepened. Comrade Lin Wu attended the commemoration of the 5th anniversary of the friendship tie between Shanxi and Jeollanam-do of the Republic of Korea; Comrade Lan Fo'an signed the Friendly Partnership Agreement with Matabeleland North of Zimbabwe; and we facilitated over 30 exchanges of congratulatory videos or goodwill letters between the leaders of Shanxi and its international friendship provinces. People-to-people diplomacy at both provincial and municipal level has been flourishing. Such events as celebrations for the 40th anniversary of friendship tie between Shanxi and Saitama of Japan and the 30th anniversary of friendship tie between Shanxi and Canelones of Uruguay have been held; activities like the "family culture" of Yuncheng City and Linfen City introduced to Utah of the United States have received fervent response. Our role as the main channel for foreign exchanges and cooperation has become more obvious.

During this year, all tasks have been accomplished and good results have been yielded. We carried out the rectification of the inspection; we fulfilled our tasks in such international events as the Health Care Conference, the Great Rivers Civilization Forum and the Tourism Development Conference; we won the Excellent Organization Award and the first prize in the recitation contest of "Corruption-free Voice". We have become more efficient in approving overseas-visit delegations, processing APEC cards applications and offering guidance and training for enterprises to facilitate the resumption of their work and production. The short video series "Deep in Shanxi with Rees" have been promoted to share true stories of Shanxi with the world; series of experience-sharing workshops have been organized in order to bring our work up to a new level. 

Through all these efforts, we have realized our goal of "consolidating, deepening, upgrading and outstanding" in all of our foreign affairs endeavors. I sincerely appreciate your hard work in this challenging year. 

The year of 2023 marks the beginning of full implementation of the guiding principles laid down at the 20th CPC National Congress and a new journey to build China into a modern socialist country in all respects. It is also an important occasion for Shanxi's foreign affairs to build on past achievements and usher in a better future. In the coming year, we should attach more importance on ensuring both development and security and upgrade our capability in serving opening up. We will stay committed to strengthen practical exchanges and cooperation in various fields through high-level visits.

Each generation has its own mission and undertaking. As the New Year bell rings, we are embarking on a new journey. With strenuous efforts and strong sense of responsibility, we are determined to make our own contributions to the building of a modern socialist country in all respects.

May our great motherland prosperity!

May Shanxi's foreign affairs a new success!

May everyone a happy and healthy New Year!

Wu Shaozhong

Director General of the Foreign Affairs Office of Shanxi Provincial People's Government