Shanxi adds 2 national tourism and leisure blocks



Visitors take selfies on Bell Tower Street in Taiyuan. [Photo/Shanxi Daily]

Two places in North China's Shanxi province, Bell Tower Street in Taiyuan city and Lanshangen•Yuncheng Impression Pedestrian Street in Yuncheng city, were recently listed as national-level tourism and leisure blocks, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced.

The identification of national-level tourism and leisure blocks began in November 2021, by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the National Development and Reform Commission.

The blocks must have distinct cultural themes and regional characteristics. They should offer tourism, recreation, and cultural experience services, as well as integrate tourism, catering, entertainment, shopping, accommodation, and recreation businesses.


Visitors tour Lanshangen·Yuncheng Impression Pedestrian Street in Yuncheng. [Photo/Shanxi Daily]

Bell Tower Street in downtown Taiyuan has witnessed the city's commercial development for more than 100 years. The 25 historical streets, 36 historical buildings, and 10 intangible cultural heritage items and their promoters in the block carry countless historical and cultural memories and highlight the cultural connotations of the city.

Lanshangen•Yuncheng Impression Pedestrian Street, southwest of Dongguo town in Yuncheng, is backed by Zhongtiao Mountain and near Salt Lake. It is a unique one-stop experience block that integrates catering, shopping, entertainment and accommodation services.

Currently, Shanxi has three national-level tourism and leisure blocks.