Shanxi to further enhance people's well-being in 2023


Updated: 2023-01-13

The Shanxi Provincial Government will take 12 measures in 2023 to improve its people's well-being, according to an annual provincial government work report released at the first session of the 14th Shanxi Provincial People's Congress on Jan 12.

The measures cover express delivery and logistics services in rural areas, senior care services in urban communities, school lunch safety for urban primary school students, medical aid to children with disabilities, cultural performances, emergency medicine, education and nursing services. 

For instance, the provincial authority will provide another logistics subsidy of 1 yuan ($0.15) for each piece of rural agricultural and related products sold outside local counties through e-commerce platforms based on existing subsidies. 

The scope of rehabilitation assistance for children with disabilities will be expanded from 6 years old to 15 years old.

A total of 1,000 automated external defibrillators will be set up in crowded public venues in case of medical emergency.

The province will also increase the living allowance for senior residents in urban and rural low-income families and implement urban community senior care projects so as to improve the lives of senior residents.