Key suggestions by provincial lawmakers implemented


Updated: 2023-01-11

Suggestions made by the deputies to the sixth session of the 13th Shanxi Provincial People's Congress, the provincial legislative body in Shanxi province, in 2022 have so far all been handled.

During the session last year, deputies made 788 suggestions to the provincial people's congress, and these suggestions were conveyed to 86 government departments for study and implementation after the conclusion of the congress.

Among them, 17 were identified as key suggestions, including promoting employment, supporting the development of the Taiyuan-Xinzhou Integrated Economic Zone, promoting the renovation and construction of old residential areas, improving the training of high-quality farmers, and continuously strengthening the standardization of law enforcement by public security bodies.

In the process of handling these proposals, the government departments issued a series of plans to build a relevant policy guarantee system. These include the preparation of provincial, municipal and county development, a spatial planning system and a sub-field implementation plan for the Taiyuan-Xinzhou Integrated Economic Zone, and the Five-Year Action Plan for the Transformation of Old Urban Communities in Shanxi Province (2021-25). 

At present, all 17 key suggestions have been reviewed and implemented on schedule, and the deputies have expressed satisfaction with the results.