Deputies to 14th Shanxi Provincial People's Congress elected


Updated: 2023-01-10

As of Jan 8, 552 deputies to the 14th Shanxi Provincial People's Congress were elected from municipal people's congresses of 11 prefectural-level cities and military congresses of the Chinese People's Liberation Army and the Chinese Armed Police Force in North China's Shanxi province. 

Among the deputies, there are 38 workers, 65 farmers, 160 technicians, 25 State-owned enterprise (SOE) representatives, 23 non-public economic figures, and 210 civil servants. 

The proportion of workers, farmers, technicians, SOE representatives, and non-public economic figures has increased when compared with that of the 13th Shanxi Provincial People's Congress, while the proportion of civil servants has decreased. 

The number of female deputies increased to 163, accounting for 29.53 percent of the total, and 193 deputies renewed their term, accounting for 34.96 percent of the total. 

The elected deputies will attend the first session of the 14th Shanxi Provincial People's Congress which will open on Jan 12.