Shanxi to facilitate online registration of market entities


North China's Shanxi province recently issued a circular regarding the trial measures for the registration of market entities in the Shanxi Transformation and Comprehensive Reform Demonstration Zone. 

This trial process will optimize the local business environment and further promote the facilitation of market entity registration. 

The measures will be implemented on a trial basis from Feb 1 and will be valid for two years. 

According to the circular, applicants who register their businesses shall make a self-declaration online.

The registration authority shall compare whether names declared by applicants are the same or similar to the names of other businesses, and promptly remind the applicants of possible legal risks. 

Market entities need to apply to register main projects, licensed projects, and projects involving special administrative measures for foreign investment access. The registration authority shall confirm and register business items in accordance with the classification standards.

The registration authority will establish a comprehensive registration service system, optimize the registration process, and implement the standardization of the electronic handling process.