Shanxi outlines plan for e-information manufacturing development



An electronic information manufacturing factory in Shanxi [Photo/Shanxi Economic Daily]

Shanxi province aims to generate over 230 billion yuan ($33.07 billion) in annual revenue from electronic information manufacturing enterprises above designated size – those with annual revenue of 20 million yuan or more – by 2025, and have an average annual growth rate of about 15 percent.

To achieve these goals, Shanxi has planned the development of the following key sectors: semiconductor, photovoltaic, computing, new chemical battery, and intelligent electronics industries.

For the semiconductor industry, Shanxi plans to cultivate and expand leading enterprises in key areas such as silicon carbide, LED, chips and devices, and semiconductor materials. It also plans to implement technical research on major scientific and technological projects, as well as carry out targeted investment promotions, and build an industrial chain covering equipment, materials, design, manufacturing, packaging, testing and application. Shanxi will also support regions with sound industrial foundation to build third-generation semiconductors, semiconductor materials, and low-carbon silicon industrial clusters. 

Shanxi plans to build an industrial chain and enhance the independent innovation ability of enterprises within the photovoltaic industry. It will support the R&D and industrialization of cutting-edge key technologies such as TOPCon, heterojunction and perovskite or crystalline silicon tandem cells. Another goal is to introduce advanced production capacity projects in polysilicon, silicon rods, and silicon wafers fields. Lastly, it will carry out intelligent photovoltaic demonstration applications, and develop brand products with independent intellectual property and strong competitiveness. 

Its goal for the computing industry is to strengthen the R&D and brand building of products and services in the IT application innovation sector. It will strengthen the incubation of industries concerning key parts such as chips, motherboards, hard disks, and displays. It will continue to support basic software and application software development in key areas, as well as accelerate the construction of industrial platforms related to adaptation certification, testing and verification, and standard identification. 

Shanxi will promote the R&D and industrialization of the new chemical battery industry. It will also cultivate leading enterprises in areas such as anode materials, cathode materials, separators, electrolytes, and batteries, and undertake projects with advanced production capacity. 

The intelligent electronics industry will see the development of key enterprises and will be introduced to upstream and downstream industrial projects in intelligent communication terminals and intelligent electronic equipment sectors. Shanxi aims to accelerate the development of smart phones, intelligent mining equipment, electronic measuring instruments, intelligent robots, and sensors, to build an industrial chain and form intelligent electronics industry clusters. Lastly, it will also promote the application of new intelligent electronic products in various fields.