Shanxi acts to boost private investment


The Information Office of the Shanxi Provincial Government held a press conference on Dec 14 to interpret the province's policies on boosting private investment. 

A total of 40 measures have been taken to solve problems such as unequal treatment and hidden barriers for private enterprises, greater downward pressure on private investment in the real estate industry, minimal private investment in the energy sector, slow private investment in infrastructure, low-quality private investment in manufacturing, limited influence of leading agricultural private investors, and insufficient potential of private investment in cultural tourism. 

For instance, Shanxi has helped private enterprises participate in the construction of "Digital Shanxi" and is making good use of government technological transformation funds to upgrade traditional industries, rewarding agricultural leading enterprise projects according to the actual investment amount, and bringing in domestic and foreign investors to develop and operate cultural tourism and health care projects. 

Next, Shanxi will continue to optimize its business environment, enhance the status of enterprise investment subjects, and promote the expansion, structural optimization and quality of private investment in order to complete its goal of making private investment account for more than 58 percent of fixed asset investment by the end of 2025.