Measures taken in preparation of Double Eleven festival


Double Eleven shopping festival – China's largest online shopping festival, serves a major bolster to domestic demand and helps to unleash consumption potential. The festival has been held for the past 14 years in China.

Since the beginning of November, the government units in charge of commerce in North China's Shanxi province have rolled out a series of promotional activities and livestreams to enable consumers to shop in a green and healthy cyberspace, and boost sales of local products.

Many of Shanxi's local agricultural products have enjoyed handsome sales through the promotion of online influencers or popular live rooms, such as potatoes in Loufan county, persimmons in Yuncheng city, and Shanxi vinegar and white liquor (Fenjiu).

During the shopping festival, the Shanxi Provincial Postal Administration will regulate and standardize parcel packaging methods by launching training sessions for new workers, in order to minimize the use of packaging tape and filler. In addition, plastic packages will be recycled and processed after they are used, and the use of recyclable corrugated cases will be advocated to achieve sustainable development.