Shanxi enacts measures to protect Ancient City of Pingyao

Updated: 2022-10-27

The General Office of the Shanxi Provincial Government recently issued a plan to further the protection of the Ancient City of Pingyao, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in North China's Shanxi province, and develop it into an internationally-famous tourist destination. 

The plan consists of 10 major measures, including the repair of the ancient city wall, the rectification and protection of original landscapes in the Ancient City of Pingyao, the promotion of local intangible cultural heritage, and the development of local special industries. 

Shanxi will implement the rescue repair project of the ancient city wall of Pingyao by accelerating the repair of 61 damaged ancient city wall sections and carrying out stability monitoring on wall rock and soil structure to eliminate hidden structural damage. 

The province plans to protect the original layout, historical environment and landscapes by reducing installations that are not consistent with the style of the Ancient City of Pingyao. 

It will conduct a survey of intangible cultural heritage in Pingyao county, implement a project consisting of intangible cultural heritage promoters' review, teaching, oral history, project practices, and work file recording, and start the development of digital archives for intangible cultural heritage. 

The construction of intangible cultural heritage teaching and learning venues, museums and tourist experience centers is also on the agenda, while related fairs will also be planned. 

Shanxi will also boost Pingyao special traditional industries. It will build "Pingyao Gift" flagship stores, and develop and promote cultural creative products and intangible cultural heritage-related products with Pingyao features.

It will also develop international cultural trade platforms in Pingyao and further enhance the influence of local major cultural events, such as the Pingyao International Photography Festival and Pingyao International Film Festival.