Jincheng accelerates traditional village protection


Updated: 2022-10-17

The city of Jincheng in North China's Shanxi province has completed its demonstration projects on the centralized protection and utilization of 40 out of 50 traditional villages, according to the Shanxi Department of Housing and Urban-rural Development. 

Early in 2020, Jincheng was recognized as a national demonstration city for the centralized protection and utilization of traditional villages. Based on location, infrastructure, grassroots organization development, and the density of traditional villages, the city chose 50 villages for the demonstration projects.

The projects involve traditional architectural restoration, improvement of the living environment, and the construction of basic public service facilities, including the renovation of 7.6 kilometers of roads, 69,000 square meters of streets and alleys, 96 traditional courtyards, with a total construction area of over 30,000-square-meters.

So far, 80 percent of the projects have been completed, while the 10 remaining projects are expected to finish at the end of October. 

In addition, Jincheng has improved 80 digital museums in traditional villages. This year, the city plans to develop 86 digital museums in traditional villages to promote the integration of internet innovation and protection of traditional villages.

Currently, there are 550 recognized traditional Chinese villages and 111 famous Chinese historical and cultural villages and towns in Shanxi, ranking 5th and 1st in China, respectively. The province has established a rural historical and cultural heritage protection system with a focus on these villages and towns.