School in Daning county lends helping hand to left-behind children


Updated: 2022-10-12


Daning Happiness School in Daning county, Shanxi province [Photo provided to]

On a wish wall in Daning Happiness School in Daning county, North China's Shanxi province, students wrote down their wishes, which were mostly concerning family reunion.

What makes the school different from other ones is that it is set up for children left behind in the mountainous county, as their parents leave for employment opportunities elsewhere and a better economic situation. 

"To protect the rights and interests of children left behind in the county, in 2018, the county's authorities invested more than 17 million yuan ($2.36 million) to build Daning Happiness School," said Zhang Fengxia, principal of the school. 

In September 2019, the school was established. "There are 332 students in the school, all of whom are left-behind children from various towns in the county. They don't need to spend a penny to attend the school, and for children in particular poor financial situations, there is an annual subsidy of 1,000 yuan," Zhang added. 

"Because the children's family situation is unique, teachers have to pay more attention."


An outdoor meeting is held at Daning Happiness School. [Photo provided to]

According to Zhang, the school focuses on caring for left-behind children, and it is the common mission of the 46 teachers to help the students grow and develop in a healthy manner.

The school has established organizations such as a studio for the protection of minors and employs many professional staff members. 

The public school is a reflection of Daning county's efforts to protect children. According to Li Dong, deputy head of the county, there are 9,244 minors in Daning, including 413 left-behind children. 

The county has formed a network for the protection of minors, with five workstations at the township and town level and 63 studios at the village and community level built.

Peng Ke'er contributed to this story.