Shanxi improves employment in 10 years


Updated: 2022-09-07

North China's Shanxi province has seen an improved employment situation from 2012 to 2021.

During this period, 5.14 million people have found employment in urban areas and 8.59 million vocational training opportunities have been given to locals in the province.

By the end of 2021, the total number of migrant workers in the province had reached 5.8 million, an increase of 1.12 million over 2012. 

In the past 10 years, Shanxi has helped 1.71 million unemployed people and 459,200 people with employment difficulties obtain employment. 

Employment services have been comprehensively improved. The province has built talent and labor markets, improved the establishment of labor cooperation stations and labor service stations outside the province, and set up employment service stations in townships and sub-districts. 

By the end of 2021, the province's basic pension insurance, unemployment insurance, and work-related injury insurance respectively covered 26.53 million, 5.04 million, and 6.4 million people. 

From 2012 to 2021, the monthly per capita basic pension for enterprise retirees in the province increased from 1,868 yuan to 3,313 yuan ($269.78 yuan to 478.53), and the monthly per capita pension insurance for urban and rural residents increased from 55.68 yuan to 161.52 yuan. 

New breakthroughs have been made in the quantity and quality of professional and technical personnel. By the end of 2021, the total number of specialized technicians in the province had reached 2.09million. The province had established 91 post-doctoral research stations and workstations and 128 academician workstations. 

The total number of skilled talent was 5 million, including 1.5 million highly skilled talent, and the proportion of skilled talent in the workforce increased from 15 percent in 2012 to 29 percent in 2021. 

The per capita disposable income of urban residents in the province increased from 22,258 yuan in 2013 to 37,433 yuan in 2021.