Shanxi integrates domestic, foreign trade development


Updated: 2022-08-16

The Shanxi Provincial Government recently issued an action plan for promoting the integrated development of Shanxi's domestic and foreign trade. 

By 2025, the province hopes to see improved integrated development of domestic and foreign trade businesses, efficiently connected domestic and international markets, an enhanced integrated control system for domestic and foreign trade, and optimized governance and management. 

To this end, Shanxi will provide policy support for product development, channel expansion, brand building, and talent cultivation in domestic and foreign trade, encourage qualified large-scale commercial and logistics enterprises to build international marketing networks, and improve the international reputation of local special products. 

The province will participate in research on trade standards of RCEP member countries and those involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, strengthen the formulation of standards in key export fields such as equipment manufacturing and agricultural products, and strive for more Shanxi standards to become national and international standards. 

The construction of the Taiyuan and Datong cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zones will be advanced as well. 

The province will also develop network freight, multimodal transport, urban and rural joint distribution, high-speed rail freight, air freight, cross-border e-commerce, and comprehensive foreign trade services. 

In the next three years, Shanxi plans to give companies targeted guidance in solving problems related to laws and regulations, regulatory systems, business qualifications, quality standards, inspection and quarantine, certification and accreditation, brand building, intellectual property protection, and business expansion when expanding into the domestic and global markets.

By 2025, it plans to develop 100 demonstrative companies in the integrated development of domestic and foreign trade.