Policies for green transport consumption take effect in Shanxi


Updated: 2022-07-21

North China's Shanxi province will boost green transportation consumption, according to the Shanxi Development and Reform Commission on July 18.

The province plans to implement support and preferential policies for the operation of new energy vehicles, strengthen the construction of supporting infrastructure, and promote the development of liquefied natural gas for the use of vehicles and ships. 

In the field of public transportation, new and updated urban public transport and taxis will all use electric or methanol-powered vehicles. The province will gradually increase the proportion of new energy vehicles in the urban sanitation sector, and guide delivery companies to add or update new energy vehicles. 

To encourage the use of new energy vehicles, Shanxi will improve charging availability for new energy vehicles in public institutions. 

Internal parking lots at public institutions will be equipped with charging facilities that match the use and operation needs of new energy vehicles, or reserve relevant construction and installation conditions and encourage these facilities to open to the public.