Taiyuan Customs works to boost foreign trade of Shanxi


Updated: 2022-05-26

Taiyuan Customs, the provincial customs of North China's Shanxi province, issued 25 measures on May 24 to stabilize and improve the quality of the province's foreign trade. 

The measures include guaranteeing the security of the industrial and supply chains, developing international logistics channels and high-quality opening-up platforms. 

The customs will establish a customs clearance coordination mechanism for key enterprises and materials to solve difficulties faced by local companies, form a comparative list of RCEP tariff reductions for key industries to help companies fully enjoy tax reductions and exemptions. 

Air, railway and postal logistics channels will be unblocked as well, and the customs will establish a coordination mechanism for airport cargo terminals, airlines, and freight forwarders, support the opening and resumption of international cargo routes and flights, and advance the opening and approval of the Yuncheng and Datong airports. 

The cooperation and intelligent regulation between Taiyuan Customs and other customs will be strengthened to facilitate the operation of China-Europe freight trains and smooth customs clearance for inbound and outbound postal services. 

The customs will also support the establishment of the China (Shanxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone and help traditional foreign trade enterprises transform into cross-border e-commerce operators. 

In addition, Taiyuan Customs will set up an emergency customs clearance mechanism for fresh and perishable agricultural and food products.