Green, low-carbon development to speed up in Shanxi


Updated: 2022-05-25

North China's Shanxi province will develop a green, low-carbon and circular development-oriented production and circulation system and upgrade infrastructure in a greener manner, according to a circular recently released by the provincial authority.

The province will take actions over a course of six areas, including promoting industrial green transformation, accelerating green agricultural development, and making the service industry more ecofriendly to form a green, low-carbon and circular production system. 

For example, the province will accelerate the green transformation of the steel and iron, chemicals, nonferrous metals, building materials, textiles, papermaking, and leather industries.

By 2025, 1,800 organic agricultural products are expected to be developed in the province, the comprehensive utilization rate of straw is expected to exceed 90 percent to reduce air pollution caused by straw burning, and the high-efficiency water-saving irrigation area is expected to grow by 1,600 square kilometers.

The green transformation of the information service industry will also be sped up, and by 2025, the average energy consumption of the province's data centers is expected to reach an advanced level.

Shanxi also plans to adjust the transportation structure and increase the use of rail in the long-distance transportation of bulk goods, promote green and low-carbon transportation tools, and encourage the development of smart warehousing and transportation. The province will optimize its trade structure and strictly control the export of products with high levels of pollution and energy consumption.

In addition, Shanxi will accelerate the green upgrading of infrastructure. For instance, it will strengthen the construction of new energy vehicle charging and hydrogen refueling infrastructure, and build more eco-friendly buildings.