Shanxi's rural travel routes gain national recognition


Updated: 2022-05-12

Shanxi province's six routes were recently included among the national rural tourism recommended routes launched by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. 

Jincheng Gaoping Rural Flower Appreciation Tour

Itinerary: Yangtou Mountain scenic area - Yandi Farming Culture Park - Tielu village in Chenqu town - Wolongwan Healthcare Theme Town

Best time to travel: mid-April to mid-May

Jincheng Baima Temple Mountain Flower Appreciation Tour

The Baima Temple Mountain Forest Park covers a total area of 12 square kilometers and has a forest coverage rate of 65 percent.

Best time to travel: April 15-30

Lyuliang Cang'erhui Ecological Health Care Tour

The Cang'erhui eco-cultural scenic area features a wide variety of wild animals and plants, medicinal materials, wild edible vegetables and fresh fruits.

Best time to travel: May 1 to Oct 7

Xinzhou Apricot and Peony Appreciation Tour

Itinerary: Xinzhou - Dalongmen in Yuanping - Tianya Mountain - Yezhuang ancient village - Daying hot spring – Zhaojiazhuang village in Fanshi county - Hanshan Mountain scenic area

Best time to travel: May to June

Yuncheng Rural Cultural Experience Tour

Itinerary: Longmen village in Hejin - Yanjing village in Wanrong county - Li Family Courtyard in Wanrong county - Ninth Courtyard B&B in Wanrong county - Xixiang village in Yongji

Best time to travel: April 1 to Nov 30 

Changzhi History Research Experience Tour

Itinerary: Xigou village - Dongping village - Longmen Temple - Baiyangpo Rural Memory Museum - Yuejiazhai village

Best time to travel: April to July