Shanxi unveils info on quadrennial sports event


Updated: 2022-05-11


The emblem of the 16th Games of Shanxi Province [Photo/Sport Bureau of Shanxi]

The Shanxi Sport Bureau recently unveiled some publicity content related to the 16th Games of Shanxi Province to be held in the North China's province this year. 

The quadrennial event hosted by the Shanxi Provincial Government is a comprehensive sporting event with the largest scale, highest specification and most extensive influence in the province. The 16th Games of Shanxi Province will be organized by the Shanxi Sport Bureau and authorities of the cities of Datong and Shuozhou.


The mascot of the 16th Games of Shanxi Province [Photo/Sport Bureau of Shanxi]

The released information involves the emblem, mascot, slogans, and core graphics.

The emblem depicts the burning torch used in the event, high-spirited athletes, and tracks extending into the distance, and is meant to represent the infinite charm of sports. 


The theme slogan for the event [Photo/Sport Bureau of Shanxi]

The mascot, named Xiangxiang, is based on a brown-eared pheasant, a rare fowl and the provincial bird. It represents a healthy and progressive sporting spirit and calls upon the public to do their part in protecting the environment. 

The theme slogan of the event is "Charming Games of Shanxi Province, Energetic Shanxi". There are also 12 general slogans to be applied throughout the province during the event. 


The main graphic for the event [Photo/Sport Bureau of Shanxi]

The core graphics feature the daylily of Datong and the Great Wall in the shape of Shanxi paper-cuts, highlighting the rich history and distinct geographical features of the two host cities.