Shanxi preserves ancient books


Updated: 2022-05-09

North China's Shanxi province, an important region for papermaking and engraving printing in ancient China that is rich in ancient books, has created an ancient book census and directory, carried out ancient book restoration and promotional activities, and collected ancient rubbings, since it started its ancient book protection program in 2007. 

To further promote the preservation of ancient books in the province, Shanxi will improve relevant work mechanisms.

The province will conduct an in-depth census of ancient books, register ancient books in public collection institutions, promote the census and registration of ancient books at ethnic and religious sites, and compile the Shanxi Volume of the General Catalogue of Chinese Ancient Books. 

It plans to strengthen the protection and restoration of ancient books by encouraging ancient book storage and collection institutions to carry out preservation efforts and building, expanding and updating storerooms for ancient books and collection institutions.

Cooperation with universities, research institutions and related enterprises in ancient book restoration theory and technology, and the construction of professional facilities and equipment for ancient book protection and restoration will be promoted as well. 

The Shanxi branch of the National Center for the Study of Ancient Book Restoration Skills will give full play to the cultivation of professionals in ancient book preservation and the promotion of ancient book restoration skills.

In addition, Shanxi will promote the convenient use and open sharing of ancient book digital resources, online services for precious ancient books and ancient books with local characteristics, and digital and video recordings of ancient books. 

The province will also encourage the promotion of ancient book protection achievements and make the public more aware of the importance of protecting ancient books through modern technologies and media platforms.