Shanxi exports pet feed to Africa for first time


Updated: 2022-04-06

Pet feed products from North China's Shanxi province were exported to Africa for the first time on April 1.

After passing inspection and quarantine by Linfen customs, 480 boxes of dried yellow mealworm pet feed were shipped from Linfen to South Africa. 

Pet feed production is the driving force behind rural revitalization in Fenxi county of Linfen. The main product, dried yellow mealworm, is used as high-quality protein feed, with huge export potential.

Since it was first exported to the United Kingdom in 2018, the county's dried yellow mealworm has broken into international markets such as the United States, Germany, and the Netherlands. Annual exports of pet feed have increased from the initial 14.9 metric tons to more than 470 tons. 

The goods headed for Africa were produced by Kangruilai Biotechnology Trading Co, located in the county. The company has taught more than 300 local farmers to produce Tenebrio molitor and helped more than 200 households increase their income by more than 6 million yuan ($941,803.36) in total.

"Linfen customs will continue to address the needs of local enterprises in the city, make the most of its customs, and facilitate the export of excellent agricultural products," said Hao Xinmin, director of the customs.