Shanxi to industrialize intangible cultural heritage protection


Updated: 2022-03-28

North China's Shanxi province is moving to promote the industrialization of its intangible cultural heritage – ranging from special handicrafts to time-honored local food brands – in the current year. 

Under plans that have been put together, the province will work on a program to implement the industrialization, as well as to enact protection plans and policies targeting intangible cultural heritage.

In addition, the province plans to build a national cultural and ecological protection area in Taiyuan Ancient County – located in the provincial capital city of Taiyuan – and 10 demonstration sites for a rural cultural memory project.

The province's government will help local special brands – including Pingyao Beef, polished lacquerware and old mature vinegar – to boost their competitiveness and reputation.

It will also strengthen the protection of Shanxi time-honored brands such as Xinghuacun, Guangyuyuan and Liuweizhai.

Tourism agencies in the province will be encouraged to include qualified time-honored brands and local brand enterprises in their promotions of travel routes.

Moreover, tourist attractions will be encouraged to introduce time-honored brands and get local brand enterprises to open flagship stores and experience stores. They will also be encouraged to develop intangible cultural heritage-themed tours.

In addition, the province will support the establishment of farmers' cooperatives to boost traditional handicrafts.