Shanxi founds judicial protection base for Fenhe River environment


Updated: 2022-03-22

A judicial protection base for Fenhe River's environment was launched in North China's Shanxi province on March 18.

The base was jointly established by the Shanxi High People's Court, Xinzhou Intermediate People's Court and Ningwu People's Court. 

This move was to meant to create a protection platform that integrates ecological judicial protection, environmental restoration, ecological legal education, ecological concept publicity, and ecological culture promotion, and promote the legalized and standardized protection of the Fenhe River basin. 

In recent years, courts across Shanxi have responded to the needs of the masses in environmental justice and continued to strengthen the construction of the environmental resource judicial system. 

Last year, Shanxi established three environmental judicial protection bases at the Fenhe River's entrance to the Yellow River, Hengshan Mountain and Pinglu county, two environmental resource courts in the counties of Wanrong and Hunyuan, and one circuit court in Wanjiazhai Reservoir, handling 2,432 civil and administrative cases and providing powerful judicial services and guarantees for the environmental protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River basin.