Entrepreneur promotes intelligent transportation for green development


Updated: 2022-03-08

Li Yanhong, a Shanxi-born national political adviser and chairman of Chinese tech giant Baidu Inc, proposed promoting intelligent transportation to advance urban green development at the ongoing fifth session of the 13th CPPCC National Committee in Beijing on March 4-10. 

In recent years, China has accelerated the introduction of relevant policies promoting intelligent transportation, which have been implemented by many local governments. However, there is still a lack of coordination in construction and unified standards for carbon emission reduction benefit assessment in different regions, which restricts the intelligent transportation's ability to reduce carbon emissions. 

To solve these problems, Li offered three suggestions, namely the promotion of intelligent transportation operation models, establishment of evaluation standards to help intelligent transportation reduce carbon emissions, and implementation of a pilot personal carbon credit incentive system. 

For example, he suggested that local governments, together with industry associations, universities, scientific research institutions and leading enterprises, accelerate research on evaluation standards for carbon emission reduction benefits, formulate quantitative calculation rules for intelligent transportation to help reduce carbon emissions, and explore the carbon emission reduction effect evaluation of autonomous driving operators. 

Local governments are advised to issue incentive policies, build a public carbon emission data platform, and explore a mechanism for linking personal green travel carbon credits with public service preferential policies to increase the public's sense of green and low-carbon travel.