Southwestern Shanxi discovers relics of Yangshao culture


Archaeologists discovered Yangshao cultural remains at the Xiaowang Site in Xiangfen county of Linfen in North China's Shanxi province, according to the Shanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology on Feb 23.

The site is located 500 meters northeast of Xiaowang village, about 13.5 kilometers southwest of the county seat, and covers an area of about 21,000 square meters.

The relics unearthed at the site were mainly pottery, particularly red pottery. In addition, ground stone tools and bone tools have been unearthed. 

The discoveries provide physical evidence for the study of middle and late Yangshao culture, a Neolithic culture that existed along the Yellow River in China between 7,000 years and 5,000 years ago.

Shanxi has a long history and culture. The Yangshao cultural relic sites can be found throughout the province, with the majority in southern Shanxi. So far, 716 Yangshao relics sites have been discovered, 50 of which have been formally excavated. 

Linfen in southwest Shanxi is considered to be a major birthplace of Chinese culture. In recent years, the Taosi and Dingcun ruins discovered in the city have had a major impact on efforts to uncover the origin of Chinese civilization.