Shanxi to afforest over 3,300 sq km of land in 2022


Updated: 2022-02-21

North China's Shanxi province will continue with land greening efforts and promote the development of forest and grassland industries in 2022, with more than 3,333 square kilometers of land to be afforested.

Shanxi will focus on the protection and restoration of subalpine meadows and the improvement of degraded grasslands on the Loess Plateau by restoring more than 66 sq km of degraded grasslands, planting over 66 sq km of grass and improving over 133 sq km of grasslands. It will also seek to complete construction on 97 forest villages using the rural revitalization strategy. 

The 19 counties in four cities along the Yellow River will take the lead in realizing basic greening this year.

Enterprises will be guided to participate in forest tending and management. 

In addition, the province will develop dried fruit economic forests, accelerate the promotion of forest economic industries based on crop, vegetable, and fruit planting as well as animal breeding in forests, and develop forest health care theme towns. 

Last year, Shanxi planted 3,460 sq km of trees, raised the local forest coverage rate and created 56 billion yuan ($8.84 billion) in output value for the forestry and grassland industries.