Shanxi issues 2022 transportation plan


North China's Shanxi province will accelerate the construction of a high-quality comprehensive transport network and improve transportation services in 2022, according to the Shanxi Department of Transportation on Feb 13. 

The province plans to invest more than 35 billion yuan ($5.52 billion) in highway construction, over 14 billion yuan in the construction of provincial and national roads, and over 24 billion yuan in rural road improvement projects. 


Shanxi will accelerate the construction of 14 highway extension projects and complete construction on four highways. 

National and provincial roads

The province will accelerate the construction of 27 national and provincial road projects, with 16 to be finished within the current year. It will work to start construction on five road projects supporting the Taiyuan-Xinzhou Integrated Economic Zone and four provincial road-exit projects within this year.

Rural roads

In 2022, 4,000 kilometers of high-quality rural roads and 2,500 km of tourist roads will be built.


Shanxi will accelerate the third-phase of reconstruction and expansion of the Taiyuan Wusu International Airport, the reconstruction and expansion of the flight area of the Yuncheng Zhangxiao Airport, and the construction of the Shuozhou Airport, and promote preliminary work on the construction of the new Jincheng Airport and the reconstruction and expansion of the Datong Yungang Airport. The construction of general airports in the counties of Ruicheng, Lingqiu and Fanshi will be advanced. 

In addition, the province will continue to promote the application of big data, internet of things, and blockchain technologies to improve the quality of intelligent services on tourist roads. It will install 5,936 5G base stations along existing roads already open to traffic.